2015 Camp Sessions:

Seattle: Volunteer training June 20-21, Camp June 22-26, Showcase June 27

Olympia: Volunteer training August 8-9, Camp August 10-14, Showcase August 15 


"Drag" Workshop Leaders

Wanna volunteer at Queer Rock Camp?  Be a mentor to queer, gender-variant, gender-non-conforming, and allied youth. Musical experience is not necessary for all positions. In line with our mission of offering youth queer mentors we ask that only queer, gender variant, and gender non-conforming people apply for Mentorship Positions. Allies are encouraged to apply to the Behind the Music Positions!

All volunteers must be 22 or older by the start date of camp. If you are younger than 22 and interested in a volunteer role, check out information about being a Youth Volunteer under the “campers” tab.


  • Band Manager: (No musical experience necessary) Time commitment: Saturday and Sunday orientation, Monday-Friday 9am-6pm and Saturday Showcase. This position is one of Rock Camp’s equivalent to a camp counselor and is one of the most involved and rewarding jobs for volunteers at camp. You will serve as a mentor for your assigned band, make sure they are where they need to be at all times, and be present for a staff meeting at the end of each camp day. Band Managers with musical experience may also coach campers on their instruments throughout the day and during band practice.
  • Instrument Instructor:Time commitment: Saturday and Sunday orientation, Monday-Friday 9am-Noon and (optional) Saturday Showcase. Campers will possess varying skill levels and many have never touched a musical instrument in their lives. Now you get to teach them what you know. You may team-teach large groups as well as small groups (3-5 campers per instructor). You will meet with fellow instructors at least once before orientation to decide on curriculum, what styles and level of experience each instructor is comfortable teaching. We need volunteers to teach guitar, bass, keyboards, drums & vocals.
  • Band Coach: Time commitment: Saturday and Sunday orientation, Monday all day, Tuesday-Friday 1pm-6pm and Saturday 11am-Showcase. Each camper band will have a band coach assigned to them for showcase, practice, and preparation. You will help the campers during band selection on the first day and assist them every day in learning how to play as a group, encouraging their collaboration musically and interpersonally.
  • Counselors/Volunteer Support: (No musical experience required) Do you have special skills and experience working with youth? Counselors are assigned a small group of campers who they meet with daily for conversations, activities, and check-ins. Counselors are often also the front line of youth support, crisis intervention, and conflict mediation. This is an excellent role for people with a backgrounds in social work, youth organizing, therapy, and related fields.
  • Workshop Facilitator: (No musical experience required) Have an idea about an exciting  interactive workshop that you think would be a good fit for camp? We are looking for all kinds of different workshops, and would love to know your ideas! 
  • Assembly Team: (No musical experience required) Make announcements and lead warm-up exercises, skits, and activities during all camp assemblies.


The following positions require no musical experience, and are an excellent way to volunteer at camp if you would like a smaller time commitment or a more behind-the-scenes role at camp. You can also volunteer in these roles in addition to being a band coach, manager, or instrument instructor (as scheduling allows). These roles are also an excellent way for allies to volunteer at camp!

  • Roadie: Roadies may be called upon to help set up and tear down equipment and furniture, perform roadie tasks, help get gear to and from the Showcase, assist kitchen and clean-up crews and any number of tasks to help the camp operate smoothly. There is scheduling flexibility with this position. **Youth Volunteers will be our primary Roadies in 2015. If you are interested in being a Roadie we encourage you to apply to additional positions as well!**
  • Receptionist: (No musical experience necessary) From the front desk, the receptionist helps with Monday morning camper registration, camper check-in and check-out, monitors visitors, handles phone calls, gives directions, answers questions, sells showcase tickets, raffle tickets and camp merchandise, and maybe runs errands.
  • Kitchen Crew: (No musical experience necessary) QRC aims to provide campers and volunteers with a lunch everyday of camp, as well as snacks throughout the day. This position would be part of a team responsible for getting food donated, and preparing the meals / snacks. We also like to have a volunteer break room, with coffee and things for folks to have during the day because it can be long!
  • Photographer: (No musical experience necessary) We want pictures! Help document camp by taking snapshots of each day, as well as by setting up group photos and band portraits. B.Y.O.Camera.
  • Camp Week Support Crew: (No musical experience necessary) Pick up or drop off campers / volunteers who need rides to camp from downtown or other areas of Olympia, help the roadies, set-up and clean-up lunch, help with errands or odd jobs. Could you be a morning or afternoon driver? Do you have a car that could be used for picking up/dropping off campers?
  • Before Camp Support Crew: (No musical experience necessary) We are looking for volunteers to help us get ready for camp! If you have spare time in the days, weeks, or even months leading up to camp, the organizing team would love your support. We are looking for folks who can help with driving and errands, camper outreach, fundraising, host family/housing planning, camper family support, and more!
  • Other: Want to help in some other way? Have you volunteered at a camp before and had an idea for a job that would make camp better? Let us know!