Get Your Showcase Tickets!!!

We are nearing full-swing at QRC and you are not going to want to miss our showcase! Celebrate the week with us and see the results of all of our hard w2014_showcase_flierork.

Join us Saturday, July 12th at the Capitol Theater. Doors open at 6:30pm and the show start at 7pm.

We will have QRC merch, a raffle, and photo booth! Tickets are sliding scale $10-25 and anyone under 21 is FREE.

Get your advance tickets at Rainy Day Records or online here and check out our Facebook event page for more details. See you at the party!

Musicians of the Pacific Northwest!

Please consider loaning your gear to Queer Rock Camp this July. This years dates are the 5-11 of July, we will take excellent care of your gear and be responsible for any damage that may occur. Though we’re asking for loans with this post, we are ALSO still accepting donations! We are in need of:

  • Full Drum Kits
  • Drum odds and ends like Cymbals, Kickpedals, Stands
  • Keyboards/Keyboard Amps/Stands
  • Bass Amps/Bass Guitars
  • Guitar Amps (including practice amps, but combos are best and easiest)
  • Vocal PAs/Mics/Stands

Please email with any leads, thanks!

QRC is looking for equipment donations!

We have 60 campers from around North America this year, that’s a LOT OF BANDS and a lot of ROCKING OUT!

This year we are hoping to find more:

Amplification – practice amps, combo amps/keyboard amps, PA systems

Instruments – bass guitars, keyboards, microphones

Drum Kits – full kits, especially breakables (i.e. kick pedals, snare drums, cymbals), also cymbal bags and drum hardware bags (i.e. duffle bags, golf club totes)

Accessories – instrument, speaker and microphone cables, picks, sticks, straps, mic stands, effects pedals, XLR to ¼” adapters, extension cords, power strips

Please email to coordinate your (tax-deductible, if needed) donations. Thank you so much for your generosity and for supporting a killer project!

Also, thanks to all of you from Olympia’s music community who have lent us your personal gear during the week of camp in previous years! It’s our goal to be self-sufficient and not have to borrow from active musicians. We know we won’t get there this year, but it’s coming!

Calling All Artists!

QRC is looking for a fabulous design for this summer’s camp! The design will be used on our camp t-shirts, volunteer and camper handbooks, website, and other places!

We would love to see what any past or present (or future) campers, volunteers, or community supporters can come up with!

We are excited about all kinds of imagery and styles, but if you are submitting a design please make sure that it:

– Includes the words “Queer Rock Camp” and “2014”

– Is an image that will be relatively easy to print onto t-shirts and paper – this means one color, not a huge amount of tiny lines, and the final copy you send us should be a pretty clean PDF or other easy to use image file.

– Fits on one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. This will be the size of the handbook covers and screen print for t-shirts.

– Does not include images of people – there are so many different identities and bodies at camp that images of people can easily end up only representing some and leaving others out. Feel free to go wild with anything else – animals, parts of bodies (in the past we have had hands, mouths, etc), geometric designs, random scribbles, whatever!!!

Please submit your designs by June 8th to The organizing collective will take a look at all designs and select one, and the artist who’s design we chose will get two free tickets to the QRC showcase. Other designs may be used for fliers, posters, etc!

Thanks for supporting camp with your amazing artistic skills!!!!

Camper and Volunteer Selection

We have completed our 2014 session selection process for both campers and volunteers. Thank you to everyone who applied and showed interest in camp. Our hope is to grow to serve everyone who wants to attend, but for now, we are operating within our somewhat limited resources. If for any reason you submitted an application and haven’t heard from us yet please contact xo QRC

Camper Applications Closed

Camper applications are closed as of today. Just a reminder that submitting an application does not guarantee a spot at camp. Due to the increasing popularity of QRC, we received many many more applicants than we can accept. Camper selection is based on a variety of factors, making sure we have a group of diverse ages and identities. If you got your application in before the May 1st deadline, you’ll be hearing from us very soon!

Benefit Dinner with Special Guest Chef Miranda Krone


Special guest chef Miranda Krone of the infamous Meander’s Kitchen in Seattle will be visiting us here in Olympia for one night and serving an incredible multi-course meal as a benefit for QRC. The menu will be based on what our glorious local farms provide that day. Let us know when you make your reservation if you have dietary restrictions and you will have something delicious prepared special.

The event will be held on April 27th in downtown Olympia with the first seating at 5 pm and the second seating 7:30.  Tickets are sliding scale beginning at $30, please bring extra money to sign up for our mailer or to purchase extra drink and merch! Please email to purchase tickets and make reservations.