Youth Volunteers

The Youth Volunteer position is designed for motivated, enthusiastic, returning campers aged 18-21 who feel ready to move into a more independent role and gain skills and experiences while giving back to the camp community!

The Youth Volunteer team is responsible for helping set the tone for camp by leading skits and the camp song at assemblies. Youth Volunteers also roadie gear for band practices, instrument instruction, and lunch time performances, as well as attend special gear and equipment workshops with the Equipment Coordinator. Working with the Band Coach Deluxe, this team also explores leadership and mentorship in the camp context. Youth Volunteers can also: attend the volunteer training before camp begins; submit applications to lead a workshop during camp; form a youth volunteer band to perform an original song at the showcase; attend workshops alongside campers; and more!

Sound up your alley? Bring your skills, ideas, and general brilliance to camp this summer as a youth volunteer, and help foster the growth and transformation of QRC as we create and celebrate intergenerational leadership in our queer communities!


Fill you a camper application and make sure to fill you the Youth Volunteer section! These spots are very limited, and each application is given careful consideration! We strive to put together a dynamic and varied Youth Volunteer team, and encourage folks to apply again in future years if you are not selected this summer!

youth volunteers