Queer Rock Camp Seattle Collective Now Open for Applicants!

Queer Rock Camp is looking for new additions to our collective organizing team! Join a collective that will be (re)creating a structure/value and mission for our collectively run camp! This is a Seattle-based organizing collective that works all year to put on a one week-long summer rock camp for queer youth in Seattle.

How to Apply

Please submit a letter of intent by November 15th, 2015 to be considered to be part of our collective! Your letter of intent should detail why you are interested in this position and Queer Rock Camp: Tell us about your identities! Based on your identities, experiences, training or analysis you may have, what unique perspective would you bring to the collective? What makes you excited about working in a collective organizing structure for queer youth? How do you imagine the time commitment fitting into your life? &anything else you would like us to know!

Submit your letter of intent to queerrockcamp@gmail.com with the job title and “Collective Member Application” in the subject line. Our hiring committee is made up of current members of the Queer Rock Camp organizing collective. Our hiring process will begin with an application review the third week of November, and we will follow-up with you after that time.


This link contains a more comprehensive look at who we are and what to expect: QRCCollectiveMemberOverview