QRC is looking for equipment donations!

We have 60 campers from around North America this year, that’s a LOT OF BANDS and a lot of ROCKING OUT!

This year we are hoping to find more:

Amplification – practice amps, combo amps/keyboard amps, PA systems

Instruments – bass guitars, keyboards, microphones

Drum Kits – full kits, especially breakables (i.e. kick pedals, snare drums, cymbals), also cymbal bags and drum hardware bags (i.e. duffle bags, golf club totes)

Accessories – instrument, speaker and microphone cables, picks, sticks, straps, mic stands, effects pedals, XLR to ¼” adapters, extension cords, power strips

Please email QRCEquipment@gmail.com to coordinate your (tax-deductible, if needed) donations. Thank you so much for your generosity and for supporting a killer project!

Also, thanks to all of you from Olympia’s music community who have lent us your personal gear during the week of camp in previous years! It’s our goal to be self-sufficient and not have to borrow from active musicians. We know we won’t get there this year, but it’s coming!